Warning: Why Avoid Wedding Photo and Video Package Bundles

Ok, so it won’t be the end of the world if you bundle your wedding photo and video package. There are benefits to bundling them, but there are reasons why you should consider selecting separate vendors. In this post, I’ll share with you the pros and cons of bundling your services, shedding light on why hiring separate vendors might benefit you.

Bundling Wedding Photo and Video Packages Pros and Cons

Pros of wedding photo and video package Bundles

Cost Savings:

Many vendors offer discounted packages when photography and videography services are bundled. This can be attractive for couples looking to maximize their budget.

Streamlined Communication:

Working with a single team for photography and videography can simplify communication and coordination before and during your wedding day. A cohesive team is more likely to be in sync, ensuring a smoother overall experience. Again, here’s the caveat: this is only sometimes the case.

Consistency in Style (potentially):

Bundling services often means hiring a single team specializing in photography and videography. This can create a more consistent and cohesive visual style throughout your wedding documentation. Again, here’s the caveat: this is only sometimes the case. More on this is in the cons section.

Cons of wedding photo and video package Bundles

Limited Options:

Bundling may limit your options, as not all vendors offer the same level of expertise in both photography and videography. Style can also be affected here. Opting for separate vendors allows you to choose specialists in each field, ensuring higher expertise.

Quality vs. Quantity:

Some bundled packages may compromise the quality of either photography or videography to offer a more affordable package. By choosing separate vendors, you can prioritize quality in both aspects without sacrificing one for the other.

Less Flexibility:

If you choose to bundle services, you may need more flexibility in customizing your package to meet specific needs. Separate vendors often allow more personalized options tailored to your unique wedding vision.

The Sometimes Ugly Truth

Those “pros” aren’t always there. When I was on hiatus from my small business after moving back to the Midwest, I would frequently subcontract for national and regional services that would bundle both services together. This helped me stay sharp, and I treated every wedding like my own. I would frequently be assigned to work with teammates I had never met, and not all of those teammates treated weddings as if their names were on the invoice. “I’m not gonna phone it in, but I’m not going to go above and beyond.” Someone actually said that to me, and you would be shocked by how many times I have heard similar. I’ve also seen photographers subcontract out video services (or vice versa) so they can offer both; however, the service they don’t specialize in is a different standard than their own work. The portfolio that they show may be different from the person you get. Again, it could be fantastic. I have worked with many great people, but there is a risk.

While bundling wedding photography and videography may offer some conveniences, the advantages of booking separate vendors are undeniable. Specialized expertise, customization options, and a commitment to quality make the case for considering individual professionals for each aspect of your wedding documentation. After all, your love story is unique and deserves to be captured with precision, creativity, and passion. If you are dead set on booking photo and video together, make sure you see portfolios of the people actually shooting your wedding.

I specialize in photography but I’m happy to hop on a call with you to discuss your needs and give you options of some great videographers. Send me a note! Soon I hope to share with you a collab with Tristan at Kindled Films