Joanna + Mashaun: A Tale of Love at Three STL Venues

Love was in the air as Joanna and Mashaun embarked on their journey of forever. The picturesque city of St. Louis, Missouri, set the stage for a day filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. As their wedding photographer, I had the incredible honor of documenting every precious moment, from the anticipation at the Marriott St. Louis Grand to the breathtaking ceremony at the Jewel Box and the lively celebration at the 3rd Degree Glass Factory.

Getting Ready at the Marriott St. Louis Grand

The day began with the buzzing excitement at the Marriott St. Louis Grand. Joanna and her bridesmaids adorned in elegant gowns, the air filled with laughter and the subtle hum of anticipation. The Marriott provided the perfect backdrop for capturing those intimate, getting-ready moments. From the intricate details of Joanna’s dress to the heartfelt exchanges between the bride and her closest friends, every snapshot reflected the beauty of the day unfolding.

Marriot St louis Grand Wedding
Marriot St louis Grand Wedding

Ceremony at the Jewel Box

The ceremony took place in the enchanting Jewel Box, a hidden gem nestled within St. Louis’s Forest Park. The venue’s timeless charm, surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers, added a touch of magic to the union of Joanna and Mashaun. The intimate setting allowed for a truly personal and emotional ceremony, where vows were exchanged and rings were placed with love and sincerity. The Jewel Box was the perfect stage for capturing the couple’s pure and unfiltered emotions.

Jewel Box Forest Park Wedding
Jewel Box Forest Park Wedding
Jewel Box Forest Park Wedding

Reception at 3rd Degree Glass Factory

As the sun set, the celebration continued at the unique 3rd Degree Glass Factory. This industrial-chic venue provided an extraordinary backdrop for the reception, with its exposed brick walls and towering glass artwork. The atmosphere was filled with energy as friends and family gathered to toast to the newlyweds. From the first dance to the heartfelt toasts, I seized every opportunity to encapsulate the love and joy radiating from Janna and Mashaun and their guests.

Third Degree Glass Factory Wedding

Joanna and Mashaun’s wedding day was a testament to the beauty of love and the significance of choosing the right venues to encapsulate those precious moments. As a wedding photographer, it was an absolute joy to be part of their journey, capturing the essence of their day against the backdrop of some of St. Louis’s finest wedding venues. Cheers to Joanna and Mashaun, and may their love shine as bright as the memories created on their unforgettable wedding day in STL.

Wedding Venues in STL MO

St. Louis, Missouri, boasts many stunning wedding venues, each offering a distinctive ambiance for couples to create lasting memories. The Marriott St. Louis Grand, the Jewel Box, and the 3rd Degree Glass Factory are exemplary choices, showcasing the diverse options available for couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day.