Lauren + Adam | A beautiful Wedding At Fox Run Carriage House

The soft morning light highlighted every detail, from the delicate bridal gown to the bouquets and accessories. Moments of anticipation and nerves unfolded, creating a visual symphony of colors and textures. The Wildwood Hotel served as a picturesque backdrop, enhancing the visual narrative of Lauren’s journey from preparation to the walk down the aisle.

Fox Run Carriage House Wedding

Lauren and Adam’s wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in St. Louis was pure magic. Raindrops played percussion during the ceremony, adding a poetic touch. The rain ceased as the vows were exchanged, creating a stunning post-rain ambiance. As a wedding photographer, I seized the moment to capture the couple against the lush, rain-kissed backdrop, resulting in breathtaking photos reflecting the resilience and beauty of their love story.

Fox Run Carriage House Wedding
Fox Run Carriage House Wedding

Their Paris-inspired reception at Fox Run Carriage House by Andre’s in Eureka, MO, was a romantic blend of elegance and charm. The venue’s golf course provided a picturesque backdrop, perfect for capturing timeless moments. Adam danced with his mother, their connection evident in graceful movements. At the same time, Lauren swirled across the dance floor with her father, the twinkle in their eyes reflecting the emotional significance of the moment. The photos against the lush greenery exuded serenity and natural beauty, enhancing the overall enchantment of their celebration.

Ceremony | Our Lady of Lourdes
Reception | Fox Run Carriage House
Lodgings | The Wildwood Hotel
Catering | Andre’s

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